Towards Education 4.0: 10 Modules for The Implementation of Hybrid Models

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Oct 2021
This technical note seeks to contribute to the implementation of hybrid education models in LAC from a practical standpoint anchored in the regional context. To this end, it presents a flexible modular implementation framework that can be adapted to the different realities and contexts that coexist in the region.
The closure of schools in response to the pandemic, emergency remote education and the process of gradual reopening, with the incorporation of emergency hybrid models, have had a disruptive effect on education systems around the region. To capitalize on the lessons learned during the pandemic, and take advantage of the accelerated digitization to transform education in line with the needs of the twenty-first century, it is also necessary to look to the medium and long term and begin to lay the foundations of a transformation of education in LAC.
Hybrid education models present great opportunities to improve the quality and equity of learning, accelerate the processes of educational digital transformation, and promote an education 4.0, with an innovative approach, focused on skills, and adapted to the needs and contexts of each education system.
The modular implementation framework, structured on the basis of 10 modules, invites each country education system will be able to select and combine those modules that best suit its context, enabling it to develop its own roadmap for hybrid education.