+ Sun + Light: Practical Guide for the Implementation of Photovoltaic Systems in Social Infrastructure Projects

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Aug 2018
In addition to the supply of an essential input for the operation of a building such as electricity, the use of photovoltaic solar energy can pursue economic objectives, by reducing the cost of energy and environmental supplies, by replacing a source of energy pollutant from a source of clean energy. + SOL + LUZ puts at the hand of anyone, in a simple language and format, the answers to many of the concerns as to what photovoltaic systems are, how they work, why to use them, how to calculate their cost, where it is possible to use them, what is required to use them, how to size them, how to install them and how to operate and maintain them. + SOL + LUZ is organized in a series of modules, aimed at the different actors interested in knowing and using photovoltaic systems in buildings, including infrastructure managers, administrators, technicians in architecture, engineering and electricity, teachers, parents, students or users in general.