The Road to Educational Inclusion: Four Steps to Develop Systems to Protect Educational Pathways: Step 1: Educational Exclusion in LAC: How Systems to Protect Educational Pathways Can Help

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Aug 2021
This document is the first of four publications in the series "The Road to educational inclusion: four steps to develop systems to protect educational pathways". It aims to serve as a guide for education ministries and secretariats in the region that are interested in the design and implementation of protection systems for educational pathways.

The series collates existing knowledge about the protection of students educational pathways in a context in which the challenge of exclusion is ever more widespread in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

This first publication is designed to introduce protection systems for educational pathways, from their conceptualization and objectives through to their two main components: early warning systems and timely interventions and remedial strategies. It also includes a brief overview of educational exclusion in LAC, showing the urgent need to implement these systems in the region, and reviews the literature on the main factors behind student dropout. Finally, it discusses the lessons learned and presents recommendations for the implementation of systems to protect educational pathways.