Regional Material Flow Assessment: Municipal Solid Waste EVAL for Latin America and the Caribbean 2023

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Oct 2023
The global trajectory of municipal solid waste management is a glimpse of this sector becoming a profoundly information and data-driven activity. At the same time, it is a key sector for decarbonization, circularity and the recovery of products, resources and energy. In response to these challenges, the Solid Waste and Circular Economy Hub ( for Latin America and the Caribbean was created as a regional public consultation system with open data and statistics on the management of material flows, solid waste and the circular economy. Derived from the information collected in the Hub, this publication contains the regional assessment of material flow: municipal solid waste EVAL 2023, which covers 14 management indicators to characterize the state of the sector in the region from the perspectives of data availability, supply and use of materials, greenhouse gas emissions generated in the waste sector and progress on Sustainable Development Goals 11.6 and 12.5. If you wish to know the status of municipal solid waste management in the countries and the region, this is the basic technical note for consultation.