Recycling and Reuse of Lithium Batteries in Latin America and the Caribbean: Analytical Review of Global and Regional Practices

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López Hernández, Viviana;
Hilbert, Inga;
Gascón Castillero, Lucía;
Manhart, Andreas;
García, Diego;
Nkongdem, Bertrand;
Dumitrescu, Raluca;
Ferreira Herrera, Carolina
Feb 2024
The objective of this research project is to conduct an analytical assessment of global and regional practices for the reuse and recycling of used lithium-ion batteries (ULIB), with a specific focus on the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, along with identifying growth opportunities and formulating strategies for the adoption of good practices in reuse and recycling of ULIB. The assessment compared global best practices in terms of technology and regulatory frameworks with current practices in the LAC region. Based on this analysis, key recommendations were made for the promotion of recycling and reuse of ULIB in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The recommendations prioritize extending the useful life of LIBs, mitigating environmental impacts, and preventing poor EoL management practices in the region, in addition to promoting regional cooperation, the incorporation of lithium-ion batteries into existing regulatory frameworks and fomenting the adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems.