On the Path to an Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Recovery: The IDB Group in the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican Republic: Activities Report 2021

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Mar 2022
2021 was a year of economic recovery for the Central American region and the Dominican Republic. Although the recovery process has been widespread, it has unfolded at different speeds among countries and sectors, a circumstance that has resulted in the recovery of employment being slower than that of economic activity. The region's inclusive and sustainable economic recovery path requires the generation of quality employment. In this sense, the IDB Group's work in 2021 focused first on continuing its support for the countries' response to the COVID-19 crisis, especially in matters of health, vaccination, and support for vulnerable populations, and second on promoting sustainable and inclusive recovery initiatives in the region, through approvals of almost US$3.4 billion for the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic. This report highlights the main activities of the Group in Central America and the Dominican Republic during the year 2021, at a regional level and by country.