New Visions: 2008-2011: A Selection of the Latest Acquisitions from the IDB Art Collection

Nov 2011
This catalog belongs to the exhibition that celebrates the 19th anniversary of the Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center, originally inaugurated on May 15th, 1992 by the President of Chile, Patricio Aylwin. On this occasion the IDB Cultural Center is pleased to present an exhibit of the artworks that became part of the Collection through the acquisition fund, gifts and permanent loans. It features 25 art works by 17 artists featuring: Federico Martino, Sebastián Spreng, and Susana Sulic (Argentina); Gastón Orellana (Chile); Ana Isabel Díez Zuluaga and Omar Rayo (Colombia); Silvia Elena Monge Puig (Costa Rica); Niurka Barroso (Cuba-Canada); Carmen Herrera and Emilio Sánchez (Cuba-United States); Julio Valdez (Dominican Republic); Geovanny Verdezoto (Ecuador); Luis González Palma (Guatemala); Mireille Délice (Haiti); Antonio López Sáenz and Alberto Alejandro Millares Méndez (Mexico); and Naúl Ojeda (Uruguay).