Migration and education: challenges and opportunities

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Sep 2022
In recent decades, many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have experienced large movements of people fleeing from extreme poverty, situations of violence or socioeconomic, political, and environmental difficulties. These migratory flows include children and adolescents who, among other things, require access to educational services, a basic right that governments in the region have committed to guarantee. In this context, migration and education interact in different ways in countries of origin and destination.
This paper introduces the relationship between migration and education in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is organized in five parts. The first part describes the regional migration context.
The second part describes the relationship between education and migration, both in countries of origin and destination.
The third part presents the specific challenges faced by migrant students; and the fourth part explores initiatives for inclusion in different countries of the region, some which provide answers to these challenges. Finally, the fifth part presents a series of recommendations for migration policies in order to address the challenges that persist in the regions education systems.