Mi Tienda's Innovative Rural Supply Network

Jan 2010
Small, family-run grocery stores, known as tiendas de abarrotes, are essential for supplying basic goods and services in thousands of low-income rural communities in Mexico.These stores are convenient -many are open 24 hours a day -but they normally charge higher prices than supermarkets and other large retailers in big cities, because of their reduced economies of scale and higher associated transportation costs.
Mi Tienda, a Mexican company sponsored by private Mexican and international social investors, is dedicated to improving the lives of low-income families, enhancing the efficiency of the rural supply chain, and increasing the sales and productivity of small family-owned rural grocery stores. Providing door-to-door supply of basic products, as well as consultancy and training services, Mi Tienda focuses on benefiting small grocery stores in communities with populations of less than 5,000 inhabitants.