Japan Special Fund and Japanese Trust Fund for Consultancy Services Annual Report 2007

Jan 2008
This Annual Report details the activities of the Japanese Trusts Funds for 2007. The Japanese Trust Funds support five distinct programs: the Japan Special Fund (JSF); the Japanese Trust Fund for Consultancy Services (JCF); the Japan Poverty Reduction Program (JPO); the IDB/Japan Program; and the Japan-IDB Scholarship Program. The year 2007 was another outstanding period for the Japanese Trust Funds as it met the high volume of development needs in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Since their establishment, the Japanese Trust Funds have been recognized and appreciated in the IDB for their relevance to the Bank's core activities. The funds are rigorously managed to ensure the efficient allocation of resources, optimal technical cooperation, and a strong development impact. In 2007, the Japanese Trust Funds supported the social sector most heavily, with resources allocated to social investment, education, health and indigenous peoples development. The Fund's strong support for development operations in the region is made possible by continuous collaboration between the Japanese Government and the Inter-American Development Bank based on a mutual objective of promoting economic development and social progress.