The IDB Digital Credential Framework: Principles and Guidelines for Creating and Issuing Credentials

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Porto, Stella C.;
Presant, Don
May 2023
Digital badges have emerged as an integral aspect of various capacity building opportunities offered by IDB, gaining widespread recognition among both internal and external clients, despite their innovative application in the region. As of January 2023, IDB has issued over 200,000 badges, with the majority awarded in the past two years. The IDB Digital Credential Framework serves as a vital reference tool and roadmap for acknowledging knowledge acquisition and continuous learning through digital credentials within the IDB Group, partner organizations, and citizens of the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. This Technical Note outlines the Framework's context and purpose, its alignment with BIDAcademy and the IDB Group, and its potential to influence and shape international practice for digital credentials beyond traditional academic recognition.