How Do Disruptive Innovators Prepare Today's Students to Be Tomorrow's Workforce?: Holberton's Scalable Education for the Digital Economy

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Kalache, Sylvain
Feb 2021
Latin America is entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where its digital world is increasingly controlling the physical one. The digitalization of the economy is well underway. The COVID-19 pandemic is acting as an accelerator, forcing most businesses to transition online or die (slowly, or in fast-changing markets, quickly). While Latin Americas higher education system has not evolved for centuries, it has no choice now. The Internet, growing exponentially, holds more information that we need, making knowledge widely accessible, allowing the rate of innovation and change to accelerate. In this context, professionals need, more than ever, the right set of skills, at the right time, to find a job and remain employed. Lecture-based and rote-learning education is not equipping students for todays world, and even less for tomorrows one. While quality education exists, it is only accessible to an elite. This paper will explore how a Silicon Valley software-driven education, using a project and peer-based approach with no formal teachers or lecture, can solve the quality, accessibility, and scalability issues that Latin America higher education system is facing.