History and Analysis of a Model for Reclaiming and Empowering Lives

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Berenzon Gorn, Shoshana;
Prado Hernández, Patricia;
Fuentes A., Patricia María del Carmen;
Rodríguez, Eva Ma.;
Galván, Jorge;
Méndez Rolón, Emmanuel;
Ruíz, Eunice;
Vega, Leticia
Feb 2024
A comprehensive care model is presented to rehabilitate and reintegrate young survivors of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation into society and a healthy, productive life. The model stands out for being of medium to long-term duration, providing young women with security, legal support, access to medical and psychological services, and education. Additionally, the psychosocial strategies of the care model are described, and a statistical analysis of the program is presented, which attests to favorable outcomes in years of education, achievement of personal goals, employment, and, although there is limited data available, a substantial improvement in scores obtained in psychological tests on anxiety, depression, self-esteem, adaptation, and post-traumatic disorder.