Health, Safety and Environmental Issues in Haiti

Dec 2013
This paper is intended to serve as a resource on the current status of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues in the apparel industry in Haiti. Section II of this document provides a brief description of the content of the workshops which have been conducted in Haiti and the target audiences. The possible future utilization of the training information and materials in shorter training modules is discussed. Section III is intended to be a resource for IDB staff and other stakeholders with interests in the apparel industry, whether globally or specifically in Haiti. The HSE issues which comprise the core of this section have provided the focus of the training workshops. The recommendations and proposed action plans on these issues are offered to enhance HSE performance in the Haitian factories and to further collaborative efforts with Better Work in Haiti and in other developing countries. Section IV serves a cohesive role by providing some conclusions and final thoughts on the issues which have been addressed in the paper.