First Inter-American Competition and Exhibition of Digital Photography

Feb 2004
During 2003-04, a completely virtual project was organized to promote regional integration through the use of new information and communication technologies for development among other things. A jury reviewed 300 entries submitted by 100 artists from 20 countries. The exhibition was launched on the Internet in February 2004 announcing the results: Awards were given to Alejandro Crisóstomo F. (Guatemala); Miguel A. Caprara (Argentina); Ricardo Vargas B. (Peru); and Juan A. Sánchez O.(Colombia). Honorable Mentions were to given to: Raul A. Villalba (Argentina); Gonzalo Contreras del Solar (Bolivia); Santiago Vanegas D. (Colombia); Marcos Fredes Cifuentes (Chile); Jorge A. Lobato Rivera (Mexico); and Ramsés Giovanni (Panama). The contest was sponsored by the IDB Information and Communication Technology for Development Division.