Education Management and Information Systems (SIGEDs) in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Road to the Digital Transformation of Education Management

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Jul 2021
Education Management and Information Systems (SIGEDs) can be defined as the set of key educational management processes required for the design, registration, generation, exploitation and dissemination of strategic online information in an integral manner in the framework of specific legal, institutional and technological infrastructure. A SIGED should allow a complete and efficient management of the relevant processes at all the levels of the education system, incorporating new technologies (Arias Ortiz et al., 2019). Having comprehensive information and management systems is essential to advance in the transformations required to optimize efficiency and equity in the allocation of resources.
What is the state of progress of SIGEDs in LAC countries? To what extent do the regions management systems take advantage of technology? The Digital Education project of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) seeks to improve the efficiency of education management by examining how the daily processes it involves are carried out, their level of automation and the use they make of digital technologies (Arias Ortiz, et al. 2019). In this context, a diagnostic study of 16 of the regions public education systems was conducted.
This document presents a summary of the studys main findings, drawing attention to good practices and the lessons learned in the digital transformation of the SIGEDs. In addition, it puts forward policy recommendations for the development of efficient education management systems.