Designing Paraguay: Emerging from the Heart of South America

Goldman, Jonathan;
Mar 2017
"Designing Paraguay" highlights emerging talent in Paraguay, young men and women who are lighting the way for future innovations in the creative industries. Here, we showcase Paraguayan innovation across a variety of disciplines. The exhibition represents a shift away from traditional craft, but also a recognition of the importance of local knowledge and culture applied to globally-minded creative products. This exhibition aims to disrupt our perception of Paraguay so that we may discover the diversity of its talent and the potential global impact of its creative output. The voices that are emerging onto the international scene are highlighted here with work that draws inspiration from rich and unique cultural traditions and holds the promise of boosting growth and improving the lives of millions of Paraguayans.Participant artists:
Yanina Aubrey (fashion installation including the works of Ilse Jara, lciar Bravo, Astrid Poletti, and Lucia Ferres), Natalia Bobadilla Rolón & Talia Saguier Cuquejo (transportation design, car model), Claudia Casarino (digital photography and dresses installation), Negib Giha (fashion photography), LPZ (sound design, digital music), Marcelo Martinessi (film), Ricardo Nagaoka (photography), Po Paraguay (industrial design, 3D-printed prosthetic hand), Sonidos de la Tierra (Instrument design, musical instruments of the H2O Orquestra), and Juanma Teixido (graphic design).