Coastal Disaster Risk Profile and Adaptation Recommendations Considering Climate Change Scenarios for Belize

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Martínez, Jara;
Medina, Raúl;
Aguirre-Ayerbe, Ignacio;
Pellón, Erica;
Ramírez, Marta;
Menéndez, Pelayo;
Cánovas, Verónica;
Delgado, Diego;
Jiménez, Julián;
Jan 2022
Belize is a low-lying Caribbean coastal country and its location makes the country prone to be struck by hurricanes. Additionally, Belize is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change (CC) and its associated risks, in particular, sea-level rise very likely to affect Belize, which will exacerbate hurricane impacts in the near future. This technical note aims to assess the risk of coastal flooding and coastal erosion derived from tropical cyclones at the level of the Coastal Units in Belize for the current situation and for the horizon year 2050 under climate change scenario. The report included the identification of preliminary risk reduction measures in the most critical points of Belize coastline.