Big Data for Sustainable Urban Developement

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Biderman, Ciro;
Mello, Patricia Alencar Silva;
Oshiro, Cláudia Hiromi;
Sep 2021
This document addresses some preliminary studies of the “Big Data for Sustainable Urban Development” Project conducted by the Getulio Vargas Foundation in partnership with the IDB, with the cities of Miraflores (Peru), Montevideo (Uruguay), Quito (Ecuador), So Paulo (Brazil) and Xalapa (Mexico) and with the support of the Waze app. This project is part of the Regional Technical Cooperation RG-T3095 financed by the IDB, through the Regional Public Goods program, and executed by FGV. At the IDB, the study was coordinated by the Housing and Urban Development Division and, at FGV, by the Technology and Development Center - CTD, and developed in partnership with the Study Center
Policy and Economics of the Public Sector - CEPESP (Institutional Aspects), the Law School of Rio de Janeiro - FGV Direito Rio (Regulatory Aspects) and the Applied Mathematics School - FGV EMAp (Data Science)