Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Improving Water Supply Security in the Caribbean Opportunities and Challenges

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Daus, Anthony
Jun 2019
Wilk, David; Mellinger, Yvon
Aquifer storage and recovery is one method to increase water supply using subsurface reservoirs. Groundwater replenishment or increased groundwater stored in aquifers during wet periods can contribute to improved water supply, security, and sustainability. The recovered water can be used for drinking water supply, irrigation, and ecosystem restoration projects, often supplementing the surface water supply. Economically, ASR can be considerably cheaper and easier to implement than other storage methods, and is very cost effective if compared to developing alternative sources of water needed for development.
This document is the result of a technical consultancy addressing two main objectives: a) review the technical and socio-economic dimensions of ASR applications, using concrete examples around the world and in LAC, documenting the costs and benefits of ASR projects, and assessing conditions considered critical for implementation, including local planning and management, economic and financial constraints, and social and environmental factors; and b) develop a set of strategic/practical guidelines and evaluation criteria to assist Bank staff and national and sub-national counterparts and stakeholders in considering and incorporating ASR into their water policy.