Approach Paper: Evaluation of IDB Support in the Area of Citizen Security and Justice in the Region

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Jul 2021
The 2021 work program of the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) included an evaluation of IDB support in the area of citizen security and justice (CSJ) in the region. Recognizing the renewed effort being made by the IDB to support government policies and programs in the sector, and in view of the fact that fear for personal safety remains an urgent problem for development and a priority for the Bank's member countries, the work program (document RE-551-1) proposed an evaluation to update OVE's prior work on this issue. This evaluation seeks to build on and add value to the previous evaluations. Accordingly, since the 2014 evaluation acknowledged the adequacy and relevance of the IDB's strategic approach in the CSJ area, and this approach has not changed substantially in recent years, nor have the major CSJ needs of the countries changed, this evaluation will focus on the alignment of the operations program with the areas of intervention identified in the IDB Group strategic documents on CSJ, the outcomes of the operations in each area of intervention, and the sustainability of the outcomes achieved thus far.