Good Practice in Environment, Health and Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean

Jan 2016
This Technical Note is primarily intended for use by Chinese investors and EPC firms, specifically senior management and decision makers responsible for the planning, design and delivery of the EHS strategy and safeguards when operating in LAC. It may also be used as a reference for LAC governments and companies. The Technical Note focuses primarily on mining, oil and gas (i.e. extractive), infrastructure and agriculture activities as key sectors; although there is recognition that large projects may involve associated facilities such as roads, railroads, dams or transmission lines. Regional context and regulations are focused on three countries, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, given the growing Chinese investments in these countries and the advancements of their EHS regulations. The Technical Note is practical and generic in order to be applicable to the construction of various project types throughout LAC. Case studies for specific projects and industries can be found in Appendix A.