Women's Economic Opportunities in the Formal Private Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Focus on Entrepreneurship

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Ellis, Amanda N.;
Muñoz Boudet, Ana Maria;
Reimao, Maira;
Cutura, Jozefina;
Frickenstein, Judith;
Perez, Ane;
De Castro, Orsi
Jan 2010
Entrepreneurship contributes to a vibrant private sector and can stimulate broader economic growth. Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have experienced an important growth of microenterprises led by women, but little is known about the factors that explain this trend. This study, combining quantitative and qualitative data, focuses on women¿s economic opportunities in the formal private sector in the LAC region with a special focus on female entrepreneurship. The objective of the report is to explore if women are choosing size and sector for their micro and SME firms optimally, or if this is the result of multiple constrains, including gender constrains.