"What is this for?" Scientific inquiry as a key to teaching 21st century STEM skills

Sáenz-Zulueta, Claudia
Dec 2018
This document presents the impact assessment process and results of a pilot project on the learning of physics through technology among upper secondary education students in Sinaloa, Mexico. The purpose of the project was to establish a correlation between student motivation and academic performance within a school environment that enables the access to a technology tool within a classroom, such as Lab4Physics, a Lab4U model. This publication provides an understanding of the key components that have led to the success of the project, especially that relating to the ownership of the teachers, students, and education authorities. Furthermore, it is hoped that the results not only will inspire similar initiatives in the future within the region in terms of capturing the interest of students in the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but also that they will lead to an improvement in student performance so as to prepare them to be active players in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.