Water Pricing and Public-Private Partnership in the Americas

De Azevedo, Luiz Gabriel T.;
Baltar, Alexandre M.;
Lobina, Emanuele;
Hall, David;
Howe, Charles W.;
Jacobs, Jeffrey W.;
Del Castillo de Laborde, Lilian;
Orphanópoulos, Damaris;
Strauss, Clarice;
Paiva, Fatima;
Lanna, Antonio Eduardo;
Lemos, Maria Carmen;
Oliveira, João Lúcio Farias de;
Sandoval Minero, Ricardo;
Lara Ruiz, Víctor;
McKay, Jennifer;
Dettlaff, Martin
Jan 2003
Because of the complexities associated with the water pricing and public-private partnership issue and their relevance to water management of the future, the Third World Water Centre for Water Management, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Agencia Nacional de Aguas of Brazil sponsored two focused workshops on water pricing in Brasilia, held on June 3rd-5th, 2002 and on public-private partnership in the water sector in Mexico City, held on September 25th-27th, 2003. The main objective of both the workshops were to assess the experiences from North and South America on the issues concerned in an objective and critical manner. Papers for each of the two workshops were specially commissioned. Following the discussions at the two workshops, the authors revised their papers, and this publication includes the selected and revised papers.