Water and Sanitation in Belize

Jan 2014
In the last decade, Belize has seen major improvements in access to water, but it is behind in achieving universal access to improved sanitation facilities. Belize has also made progress in terms of the disposal of solid waste in the central and western regions, including in the largest urban area, Belize City. Despite these developments, there is a need to further improve the performance of these sectors, especially in terms of wastewater collection and treatment in urban areas throughout the country and solid waste collection and final disposal in the northern (Corozal and Orange Walk districts) and southern (Stann Creek and Toledo districts) regions of the country. This Technical Note was prepared to support the policy dialogue between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Belize. It provides an analysis of the current situation of the water and sanitation and solid waste sectors in Belize, and makes recommendations on immediate actions to assist in further improving coverage and the quality of the services provided.