Video Games: More than Just a Game: The Unknown Successes of Latin American and Caribbean Studios

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Sep 2019
In Video Games: More than Just a Game, you will get to know 50 Latin American and Caribbean studios, their trends, and their successes with over 350 video games. This report will help you understand the industry’s potential as a business, the new role of esports, the impact of video games on women and on the skills for the future. You will be able to see funding schemes, the role of governments in making their industries known on the international market, and the importance of forums for exchanging knowledge. The video games industry has not only succeeded in incorporating cutting-edge technology into the entertainment sector but also into other more traditional sectors such as education and health. Video games are here to stay because they earn more than the motion industry and the highest-grossing movies. We invite you to be part of the most important game in history.