Venture Capital Fund Toolkit: A guide to set up a VC fund in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Angel Ventures
Nov 2022
Venture Capital Fund Toolkit, developed by Angel Ventures, is a “how-to” manual for actors willing to set up a venture capital fund in emerging markets, with a special focus on Latin American and the Caribbean. The toolkit seeks to provide the following:
-A deeper understanding of the early-stage investments, main trends and the importance of the sector for emerging markets.
-A framework to map and analyze all relevant components of the ecosystem, as a first step of a fund structuration process.
-A framework to map and analyze the main variables in an entrepreneurial ecosystem to identify its maturity and sophistication stage, underlying drivers, trends and main players.
-A framework to identify, analyze and size opportunities and their associated outcomes in the early-stage investments space.
-A methodology to design a funds investment thesis, to make sure no important criteria is left behind or below expectations.
-A methodology to analyze potential risks and return on investment as well as stress test the assumptions, for the funder manager to strengthen his case and get better prepared for fundraising.
-A framework to generate value for portfolio companies, to maximize returns on investments.
-A set of frameworks and methodologies enabling best-in-class operations from Day 1 for the Fund manager.
-A stakeholder analysis framework to identify key resources needed for the fund to perform.
-A key documents checklist, to make sure the fund manager does not miss on important materials.