Urban Transport and Poverty: Mobility and Accessibility Effects of IDB-supported BRT Systems in Cali and Lima

Jun 2016
This evaluation expands a previous evaluation of the Office of Evaluation and Oversight of the BRT project results with respect to their objectives of improving mobility and access for the poor. It assesses the effects of Cali's and Lima's BRT systems on mobility and accessibility of the poor, with a specific focus on the integration of feeder lines in the poor areas of the cities, taking into account pre-existing public transit operations. In addition, OVE identifies determinants of and barriers to BRT use among the poor in Lima and Cali. In particular, the analysis assesses the systems' coverage, affordability, and accessibility and the relative roles of access times, in-vehicle time, and monetary costs in explaining mobility preferences, in order to improve the design and operation of future BRT systems with pro-poor objectives.