Urban Heritage Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Task for All Social Actors

Nov 2002
Given the limited scope and sustainability of urban heritage conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean, changes in how it is carried out and funded are needed in order to involve all social actors and use the preserved assets to meet demonstrated social needs. Based on a multidimensional analysis of the assets¿ value and the social processes through which these values materialize, the paper, identifies measures for better matching the interests of and benefits obtained by those involved in the conservation process. It is suggested that the process will be more sustainable and capable of being expanded in a manner corresponding to the magnitude and value of the region¿s heritage if those who benefit from it are also those who promote and pay for it. Critical review of some of the projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, which may be considered ongoing experiments, inspires moderate optimism about the viability of the proposed changes.