Unveiling the IDB’s Project Executing Units: Performance Indicators, Results-Based Management, and Demand for Knowledge

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Jun 2024
The implementation of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) projects rests with the borrowers through project executing units (PEUs), where the strong collaboration, capacity, and commitment of all stakeholders, including other government entities, are paramount to achieving results. This technical note highlights the potential approaches the IDB can adopt to promote results ownership among borrowers and PEUs. Results are based on a comprehensive survey of 36 PEUs from the public sector that examines motivations, internal key performance indicators, proactive engagement levels in achieving development outcomes, and needs for IDB knowledge and technical support in project execution. Three key insights emerge among the findings. First, while PEUs extensively utilize key performance indicators to gauge performance, there remains a predominant focus on monitoring products rather than development outcomes. Second, to instill ownership of key results, a deeper understanding of impact-achievement management through timely discussions on the project theory of change is imperative. Finally, while all PEUs acknowledge the value of lessons and findings from previous projects and maintain mechanisms for documentation, utilization of this evidence is still limited.