Unlocking Green and Just Hydrogen in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Cubillos, Fernando;
Gutiérrez, Juan Antonio;
Juarez Hermosillo, Juan Gerardo;
Alonso Rodriguez, Carolina;
Souilla, Laura;
Rabinovich, Julieta
Jun 2023
This study provides an overview of the key findings and recommendations from a comprehensive document on the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen (GLCH) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It highlights the potential of LAC to become a global leader in GLCH production, leveraging its abundant renewable energy resources and existing infrastructure. The document emphasizes the importance of national strategies, supportive policies, and investments in infrastructure and research to unlock this potential. It also explores the challenges and opportunities associated with GLCH production, including electrolyzers, renewable energy integration, and the development of value chains for GH2 derivatives. The Inter-American Development Bank's (IDB) efforts in providing technical and financial assistance, promoting GLCH adoption, and establishing a regional certification scheme are discussed. The final considerations emphasize regional cooperation, social and environmental considerations, cost reduction through renewable energy development, streamlined environmental permitting processes, prioritization of GLCH derivatives, and partnerships across the GLCH value chain. Overall, the document aims to guide LAC in realizing its potential as a global player in the GLCH market while ensuring a just and sustainable energy transition.