An Unequal Democracy?: Seeing Latin America through European Eyes

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Patten, Christopher;
Del Álamo, Óscar;
Bodemer, Klaus;
Macías-Aymar, Íñigo;
Jan 2005
Binetti, Carlo;Carrillo-Flórez, Fernando
"An Unequal Democracy?: Seeing Latin America through European Eyes" is the result of a conference organized by the International Institute for Governance of Catalonia in November 2003, with support from the government of Catalonia and the Special Office in Europe of the IDB. At the conference, a group of international experts discussed three important current issues: democracy, governance and well-being. The book is a compilation of selected papers presented at the conference that address concerns about meeting the challenges of governability and of social cohesion and inclusion in 21st century societies, particularly in Latin America. This book aims to contribute to the reflection and debate on the issues of democracy, governance and social cohesion in Latin America.
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