Transparency and Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean: Key Questions to Address Gender and Diversity Issues

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Mar 2021
As countries move forward in the preparation of COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is critical that these plans are carried out in a transparent and equitable manner. This document raises key questions and actions that can inform transparency and equity in the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines during prioritization, monitoring, and execution of vaccination plans. Real-time monitoring and reporting of vaccination results is essential for transparency. Monitoring can confirm that vaccines are reaching vulnerable populations and identify where corrective actions are necessary. Three aspects should be considered in the implementation stage of vaccination plans: the communication strategy, protocols and accommodations that facilitate access for vulnerable populations, and consent mechanisms for diverse populations. It is essential to facilitate access for vulnerable groups and ensure that neither race, ethnicity, gender, immigration status nor disability are an obstacle to vaccination.