Transmission Risk Assessment Checklist

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Aug 2021
The series of documents includes general recommendations to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the tourism sector, as well as specific recommendations aimed at several subsectors and tourist spaces (accommodation, restaurants, local transport, beaches, airports and ports). It also comprises recommendations to manage prevention protocols and specific tools to minimize transmission. This series is the result of a diagnostic assessment that analyzed the adequacy of current COVID-19 protocols used in the tourism subsectors, identifying the main infection risk nodes throughout the service process. The series consists of 10 documents: Reading Guide, R01 General Recommendations, R02.1-R02.5 Specific Recommendations in Tourist Establishments and Spaces (accommodation, restaurants, local transport, beaches, airports and ports), R03 Recommendations to Manage Prevention Protocols, and E02.1-E02.2 Specific Tools to Minimize Transmission.