Trade and Integration Monitor 2015: Double-Dip: Latin America and the Caribbean Facing the Contraction of World Trade

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Oct 2015
Giordano, Paolo
The Trade and Integration Monitor 2015 analyzes different aspects of the global trade downturn and its effects on the region. This is the most recent edition of the series of reports elaborated by the Integration and Trade Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank that study the evolution of Latin America and the Caribbean's insertion into the global trading system, making use of data available in INTrade, the IDB's information system on integration and trade. This report analyzes the weak growth of the region's export volume of goods and services and the strong impact of the correction in commodity prices since the middle of 2014. The report emphasizes the consequences of the realignment of exchange rates for the value of trade flows and the price-competitiveness of the export supply of the region.