Tracer Study of Beneficiaries of Youth-targeted Social Prevention Programs: The Case of RISE in Jamaica

Jun 2013
The Inter-American Development Bank's (IDB) Office of Evaluation and Oversight Office (OVE) is conducting comparative assessments of citizen security in Central America and the Caribbean to better understand what has worked more and less well during project implementation, as well as the reasons for variations in outcomes. Jamaica's Citizen Security and Justice Program (CSJP) is included in the comparative study. In order to improve understanding of CSJP's youth targeted interventions, the OVE commissioned a tracer study of participants in one of these programmes; that is, one administered by Rise Life Management.

The objective of the tracer study is to assess to what extent the social services provided by RISE to the youth in volatile communities in Kingston have made a difference in the lives of beneficiaries in terms of employment and satisfaction with life. The outcome will be compared with a control group of youth from the same communities who enrolled in the program but dropped out shortly after joining. The study will differentiate outcomes in terms of duration of participation in the activities so as to evaluate if permanence in the program makes a significant difference in outcome.