Towards Greater Energy Efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: Progress and Policies

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Dec 2019
Energy efficiency is the best tool to improve sustainability and affordability of energy services. However, there are considerable challenges when it comes to identifying opportunities and measurement. This monograph provides a comprehensive understanding of the trends and progress made in terms of energy intensity in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) compared to other world regions and nationally by looking at the aggregate, industrial and household levels. Additionally, it discusses the limitations of using such indicator to measure energy efficiency in LAC. In order to complement perspectives resulting from this indicator, it investigates the counterpart challenge of promoting energy efficiency: creating incentives. To address this challenge, the present document proposes a conceptual framework through which to analyze energy efficiency policies and regulation across the region. This framework consists of four steps: Law and regulation, Types of incentives, Targets and Governance and Support. The analysis carried out leads to policy recommendations at both the national and regional levels.