Towards 30% Climate Finance: How Can Buildings Contribute to It?: Guide for the Incorporation and Accounting of Mitigation and Adaptation Measures to Climate Change

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Dec 2018
The guidelines, addressed to team leaders and executors, explain how buildings, both of social infrastructure and other sectors, can contribute to meeting the 30% goal of climate financing that the IDB Group has set for the year 2020. These guidelines outline those mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change that can be incorporated and accounted for in Bank projects that include design, improvement and / or construction of buildings. The inclusion of these measures in buildings, in addition to generating benefits for the environment, can generate social and economic benefits, which result in the improvement of the quality of projects; This represents, especially in public social infrastructure buildings, a great opportunity to show the application of innovative practices in construction issues in the region and promote its dissemination from emblematic projects that can become cultural references for societies. The document was prepared in coordination with CCS and with the collaboration of energy, water and solid waste specialists.