Toward Sustainable and Equitable Development: Sector Strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean

Feb 2004
Jarque, Carlos M.
The Bank has prepared a new set of strategies, presented in this volume, for the two overarching objectives established (Sustainable Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction and Promotion of Social Equity) and for each of the four priority areas highlighted in the Institutional Strategy (Competitiveness, Social Development, Regional Integration, and Modernization of the State). The four priority areas were defined, among other things, in view of the current challenges; the Bank's presence in the region; its experience in working in spheres that require capacity for diagnosis and dialogue; actions that require persistence over time; programs that depend on developing consensus; reforms to policies and institutions; and actions that demand technical and financial assistance. The strategies take on board the cross-cutting nature of the environmental dimension, which is developed in a new Environment Strategy that aims to adequately internalize environmental sustainability.