Too Close to Home: Domestic Violence in the Americas

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Strouss de Samper, Jacquin;
Schieck, Elaine;
Poppe, Patricia;
Cervantes Islas, Francisco;
Jaffe, Peter;
Lozano Ascencio, Rafael;
Suderman, Marlies;
Macauley, Margarette May;
Valdez, Enrique;
Villanueva, Zarela;
Granados Shiroma, Marcela;
Da Rocha, Martha Mesquita;
Gavilano Llosa, Pilar
Jan 1999
Morrison, Andrew; Biehl, María Loreto
Too Close to Home is a collection of essays by international authorities ranging from psychologists and doctors to economists and communication experts. Several authors analyze the economic and health costs imposed by domestic violence, documenting that domestic violence is both a serious public health issue and a severe impediment to economic development. Others examine promising approaches that have been used to combat domestic violence, including community treatment and prevention networks, telephone hotlines, judicial and police reform, anti-violence curricula in primary and secondary schools, street theater, and creative use of the mass media. The book had its genesis in the IDB Conference, "Domestic Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Costs, Programs and Policies," held in October, 1997.