Telecommunication Sector Policies for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Panama: Part II

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De Lira Salvatierra, Irving Arturo
Aug 2018
Having reliable and meaningful access to information is no little feat for a country. Infrastructure needs to be in place; from the big cables – the backbone – that carry data from state to state to the fiber or copper cable connecting a home and the spectrum used by mobile phones. Infrastructure needs to be everywhere, from the rich and dense urban areas to the sparse rural areas. Users require an affordable device and services to access information. Finally, content needs to be high-quality and comprehensive. Public policy is fundamental. Most of the infrastructure involved in ICT displays economies of scale and scope, requiring careful economic regulation to guarantee competition and steady investments. In addition, public policy is also needed to achieve social goals like universal coverage and penetration. This document is the first of a two-volume study that provides a policy guideline that draws from international experience and economic analysis to recommend some policies that are expected to foster the development of ICT in Panama.