TechnoCreative Entrepreneurships: Creativity and Technology: Allies or Enemies?

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Sep 2019
The book, TechnoCreative Entrepreneurships Creativity and Technology: Allies or Enemies?, is a guide that focuses on demytifying that the orange economy is not linked to new technology. In general, when we think of handicrafts, we don’t think about technology, but in reality they are more allies than enemies. We will also focus on demonstrating how creativity eliminates frontiers and permeates other more traditional sectors such as health, education and Fintech. Here you will find 50 successful cases from 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that use technology as the basis for developing their products and services. Among their technological allies, you will find entrepreneurships that use Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain technology, cryptographic tokens and facial recognition, among others. To make reading easier, we have grouped these enterprises into 10 groups which correlate with the 10 most representative keywords after analyzing over 400 entrepreneurships: Culture: Data Science (AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain), Publishing, Fintech, Interactive Games, Music, New Media, Robotics, Creative Services and Wearables. For each group we have pointed out both global and regional trends, and the only enemy you will find will be the capacity to let go in order to learn something new.