Technical Guide for the Application of Road Safety Inspections in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Nov 2018
The Road Safety Audit Guide - RSA applies to new projects, particularly in the planning, design and construction phases, and to the reconstruction of existing roads. On the other hand, this Road Safety Inspection Guide - RSI is used for roads in operation. Both techniques employ similar processes, are performed by expert personnel and check the safety level of the road infrastructure. Therefore, an RSA aims to improve road safety before roads are built or reconstructed. ISVs also contribute to road safety by identifying existing hazards; they can be carried out periodically on a road network as a whole or on sections of the road. The difference between the two techniques lies mainly in the fact that RSI are based on a detailed field inspection and RSA are performed on design plans. The purpose of this guide is to standardize the procedures for the application of the RSI in such a way as to make them comparable and serve as a basis for the improvement of road infrastructure. This will be achieved through dissemination to governments, road operators and road safety professionals in Latin American and Caribbean countries. In addition, it seeks to establish principles and guidelines for identifying existing hazards, potential risks of associated accidents and the recommendation of intervention measures.