Sustaining Development for All: Expanding Access to Economic Activity and Social Services

Mar 2006
This publication takes a comprehensive view of all the action areas that need to be addressed in a coordinated and integrated manner to achieve sustainable development for all. The articles included herein deal with how to enhance the quality of life of the poor, how to enable all members of society to become productive economic agents, and how to include them in a more democratic society. The introductory article presents an overview of the current situation of poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean, and discusses ways in which the market can help reduce them. Part I presents a collection of articles that explain how to align the objectives of the private sector with those of development. Part II, Access to Services, discusses what is actually required to help provide access to markets and enhance the buying power of the poor. Part III looks at actual measures to enhance the process of access to markets and services through better use of social capital.