Sustainable and Digital Infrastructure for the Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean: A Roadmap to More Jobs, Integration and Growth

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Aug 2020
Effectively fighting the pandemic requires thorough understanding of the gaps in public policies that governments must address. To this end, Bank experts have recently drafted two documents aimed at helping to diagnose the situation each government in the region is facing and identify immediate actions to mitigate the consequences (Public Policy to Tackle Covid-19: Recommendations for Latin America and the Caribbean'', IDB 2020), as well as identify actions in public policies necessary to face the period of economic recovery once the severe health crisis has been overcome (''Exiting the pandemic tunnel with growth and equity: A strategy for a new social compact in Latin America and the Caribbean'', IDB 2020). This document complements the Bank's vision with respect to actions needed for post-pandemic economic recovery, focusing on investment in infrastructure as a mechanism to drive job creation, regional integration, and inclusive environmentally sustainable economic growth.