Survey of Individuals Deprived of Liberty: Caribbean 2016-2019: Trinidad and Tobago Country Report

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May 2020
King, Dana Michael; Vélez-Grajales, Viviana; Marmolejo, Lina
This report provides the findings from an inmate survey that was used to collect data on the prison system in Trinidad and Tobago. The results were used to identify the steps needed to improve the country's correctional system, with a view to strengthening its efficiency and rehabilitative capabilities. The survey included questions regarding the inmates' childhoods and upbringing, their crimes and associated factors, due process, and prison conditions. There were several important findings, some of which require more research to understand what kinds of policies would improve the criminal justice and correctional systems in Trinidad and Tobago. Overall, the results suggest that more effort needs to be put into programs and policies that support rehabilitation, including drug treatment programs and wider access to effective education within the prison system to reduce recidivism and criminality in the country.