Superheroes of Development: Projects that Inspire, Lessons that Matter

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May 2023
What do a wind farm in Uruguay, a math tutoring program in Mexico and a plant with three-meter long roots in Trinidad and Tobago have in common? They are all development projects that advanced after facing huge challenges. They are also among the six finalists in the IDB 2022 Superheroes of Development, an initiative that allows the IDB Group to recognize the teams that make the programs that the Bank supports a reality on the ground amid complex and challenging circumstances. This publication highlights the stories of the six finalists in order to share the lessons learned in each case so that the countries of the region can benefit from their experiences. This includes anticipating challenges that others have already faced, using solutions that others have already developed, and avoiding the mistakes that others have already made. This is the fifth edition of Superheroes of Development, which was launched in 2018, and it continues to develop as a knowledge platform for BID Academy.