Summary Notes: First Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development: August, 2010

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Aug 2010
The Inter-American Development Bank has launched a significant, multi-year program of analytical work on Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective of this program is to substantially increase the knowledge of ECD in the region, and to improve IDB's ability to give good advice to governments and others who work in this area. As part of this effort, IDB invited a group of international experts recognized for their contributions to the field to form part of IDB's Advisory Committee on ECD. This Advisory Committee convened for the first time in order to discuss with its members the main topics in IDB's analytic agenda and seek their guidance on what they saw as the most relevant areas of focus and priorities. This document provides a summary of this discussion as well as recommendations for the future and the next steps for the Committee.