A Study of Municipal Best Practices in Four Peruvian Cities

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Nov 2020
Peru currently hosts the second largest Venezuelan community in Latin America, with over a million registered migrants and refugees as of August 2020. This report discusses the challenges local governments in Peru faced, when addressing the Venezuelan immigration and their integration in four Peruvian cities, Cusco, Lima, Trujillo and Tumbes, during the period from August 2019 until February 2020. These challenges can be summarized in four broad categories: a) access to information and understanding immigration; b) access to financial resources and weak government structures; c) dependency on international organizations; d) integration of migrants in the local community. The report also identifies best practices found at the municipal level. These best practices can be categorized as: a) awareness-rising activities, b) projects directly targeting the Venezuelan population, and c) projects oriented towards the entire local population, including the participation of the Venezuelan population.